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51 year old hot playful grandma

51 year old hot playful grandma

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This 51 year old is another super hot gilf I got to “work” with. I picked her up from the airport, luckily the hotel was nearby. We went right there and got down to business. I love my job, I meet this hot cougar for the first time and 30 minutes later I am fucking her. The cool thing here is that she looked a lot like my ex girlfriends mom who I always wished I could fuck. So, that got me even more turned on and into this shoot. Like a fantasy coming true almost. I had her pull her shirt up and pants down out on the balcony of the hotel. She was more comfortable with that than I expected. I could see people out on the docks behind her. After that she walked inside, with her pants down and her tits out, and started to suck my cock. At the end of this shoot I gave her a nice creampie that you get to see up close.


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